If you are a traveler and love to travel across the world, you must know how difficult it is to get tickets at a cheaper rate. But, the thing is, due to the increasing number of global visitors, always those prices keep getting higher. But, how can you get much cheaper tickets for your flights with just a single click? 

Well, let’s figure out the ways and get straight to the point!

When you click on a specific location and check your flight tickets while looking for a ticket, you double-check other services and the relevant information. But when you deal with all that, here’s where the professional leeches start lurking around to take advantage of you. They track your cookies and your browser searches. Things appear differently when you go back to check your ticket prices; they seemingly increase.

Usually, travel companies can locate the customers who want to search for a particular ticket price from their current location. They immediately know from where you’re logged in. Not only that, they even know what device you’re using. You must wonder how that is even possible. Simple! Through IP addresses and GPS sensors.  These allow the companies to get a hold of your personal information quite easily. Now, probably you wouldn’t want that in your case, would you? Well, we have a three-letter solution for you which is named VPN! 

What is a VPN, And How Does It Protect You?

VPNs usually tend to keep information private. Think about a hypothetical situation where you hear something from your left ear, but your right ear will have no idea about what the left ear heard whatsoever. VPN offers the same kind of privacy policy. It secures anything and everything you do on the internet. We have designed VPN in such a way that it shields your data, your identity, and what you browse on the internet.

Imagine you passed a very tiring day at work and did not get the time to catch up with the Grammys. You want to go home and catch up with the world, but do you realize there is always a third eye watching you? Are you spooked yet? As you should!

Here is where VPN comes and gets rid of that “evil eye." VPN secures your information to the extent that no one can know what you are doing out there on your browser.

How Does A VPN Help And Protect You?

1. VPN changes your IP address

Now you may be wondering what an IP address is. Let us get more into this detail.

An IP address is an abbreviation for the “Internet Protocol" address. It allows you to send and receive information or, more precisely, data. For instance, you use your Wi-Fi network to connect your devices with which you share data. Unfortunately, IP addresses are straightforward to access by anyone, which makes a user like you and be vulnerable. 

2. VPN provides security from random security breaches

If you are a frequent traveler, you would know how important it is to have a proper internet connection. So, what you do is connect to a public Wi-Fi server, and that’s what makes it dangerous for you. Your server exposes your identity to whoever has access to the IP address of that particular Wi-Fi network.

You might access your bank or any other essential and personal accounts that might not be secure and safe. Here is where the VPN shows its magic. VPN makes your identity hidden by censoring and changing your IP address. As a result, it protects you from being breached by anyone.

3. Makes blocked websites accessible

Have you ever gotten tired of studying for long and thought that you need a game break? You open your laptop, and you suddenly realize that the game you wanted to play is not accessible anymore in your country. Fortunately, you shouldn’t worry; VPN got your back here too. VPN allows you to access blocked and unavailable websites with just one click. You select a different location where the particular website is available and baam! You’re gaming with high-speed internet with the fastest VPN server around you. It doesn’t matter where you live. With a VPN, you can virtually access any country and use the location to access their websites.

When we talk about a product, there, of course, comes the possibility of variations. So does VPN. Now, let’s talk about the types of VPN

Types of VPN

Remote access VPN: Suppose, in your office, you access public Wi-Fi to share your data. But, you should know the probable risk factors lie here. That’s why you need to connect your VPN to secure your data. You can still access everything, but now your IP address won’t be out in the open and would be gibberish for anyone to crack and be safe from intruders lingering around.

Site-to-site VPN: This is a permanent source for securing data. A site-to-site VPN connects the network of one particular company to two branches of the same company no matter where they are located. This protects the entire database of the company and its employees from security breaches. However, site-to-site VPN is now becoming less preferable day by day.

Browser extension VPN:  lightweight method to connect different servers such as Google Chrome or Firefox, but there are limitations to this as well. Browser extension VPNs can be used only one at a time. If you use a particular app with this VPN, it will not protect your other apps from a breach.

Standalone VPN: This type of VPN is for small businesses and households. Whatever internet service you use, the data is easily encrypted and protected through the central servers too.

What Type of VPN is Good for Booking Flight Tickets :

It is vital for a user like you and me to use a paid VPN rather than a free one. Free VPNs tend to be vulnerable for locals to track. Paid VPNs have a higher range of availability of countries which gives you many options to choose from. Also, paid VPNs have more powerful security protocols than free VPNs. The number of servers and amount of bandwidth of a VPN have determined the effectiveness of web exploration.

How to Get Cheaper Tickets Using a VPN

When you fly to another country from your own country, there is a high possibility that the ticket prices will go incredibly high. But if you log on to your paid VPN service and connect to the server of the country you are flying to, you will be able to buy a ticket at a much cheaper rate. To save money as much as you can and enjoy your trip!

Clear browsers and cookies. Clear the cookies of the travel companies’ websites you have visited. So do not let them track down. Connect your VPN server and hide. Play that little game of hiding and seek and become a guaranteed winner. Using the Symlex VPN could be the best cost-effective option out there for you. You can get some mentionable reduction in your ticket prices. Hence, if you want to have a stable VPN service and save money at the same time, secure your spot with Symlex VPN right away 

Why Should You Prefer Symlex VPN?

Symlex VPN provides a protected and most secured online VPN that casually changes your IP address and hides your identity behind our military-style protection. Most importantly, this VPN is cost-effective in type that will serve all your VPN-related purposes. It helps to get rid of those leeches lurking around while you are browsing away peacefully. Symlex VPN disrupts your original IP address and makes up its gibberish nonsense that cannot be decoded whatsoever by any third party.

To book tickets at a much cheaper rate, it’s better to use a Symlex VPN as they provide a vast range of servers around you and protect your identity nonetheless. I hope, this article served the purposes of having cheap flights & air tickets using VPN.

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