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Protect your private data online and securely access through unlimited platforms.

Fastest VPN with Secure Connection

Using Simplex VPN, there is no buffering, no throttling and no bandwidth limits. You can do all you need to serve your VPN related purposes. We ensure both the security and faster performance since you don’t need to lose one for ensuring another. Moreover, all your data remains safe and secure behind a wall of a next generation encryption facility.

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unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth

You can have an unlimited amount of VPN bandwidth to download and enjoy using Symlex VPN. You’ll get the freedom to enjoy the internet as it was meant to be. There is no limitation in downloading and accessing what you need at any time and any place.

Borderless Internet Facility

If you travel through different restrictive regions of the world, you need to bypass your internet to serve your purposes. Symlex VPN has pretty decent amount of servers in different countries so that you can connect to any one of them. That’s how you can enjoy your preferred content no matter where you are.

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trusted server

Trusted Server Facility

We believe in trustworthiness and most of our users are loyal since we keep their trust by providing valued service. Data breaching could be lethal for any business and we’re utmost concerned about the server security. ​​We know exactly what we're doing and Symlex VPN runs on the most secure server minimizing the risk of vulnerabilities.

Bypass Internet Obstacles

Symlex VPN allows you to break free from the geo-restrictions. That means it powers you to unlock the access to websites, videos, live events, p2p-torrenting and so on. Your browsing, streaming, downloading, and gaming will always be super faster than ever through our server network.

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Secure and open faster connectivity — Enjoy the unlimited benefits of a quality VPN!

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Symlex VPN simplifies the process of using VPN service in the best way possible. It helps you to gain access to those websites which have turned their backs on you! More…

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Get an easy-to-use VPN service for every major platform and solutions using all your preferred devices. With Symlex VPN, a global customer base is a force to reckon with in the business of Internet and Data Security.

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