A VPN is a virtual private network used for its multipurpose features. This is an extended network used to pass essential data, access blocked networks, and provide security on public networks. A VPN is formulated by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection using dedicated circuits or with tunneling protocols over existing networks. A VPN reachable from the public internet can provide some advantages of a vast area network (WAN).

There are always pros and cons of any application that we use. So does a VPN. VPNs usually tend to keep information private. It secures anything and everything you do on the internet. VPNs shield your data, identity, and what you browse on the internet.

Let's talk about all the possible benefits of a working VPN. Of course, nothing on this earth is 100% efficient. Neither is a VPN. But there are several benefits of a good VPN. So, let's get right into it. We will discuss the top 8 benefits of using a VPN.

1. Security on Public Wi-Fi

Public WIFI’s are very easy to target vulnerable networks. This is because public connections are not very well protected and can easily be accessed by criminals. But with a VPN, there is tunneling for the data you are trying to send very secretively. Once you connect the best secure VPN service with your phone, what said VPN does is, change your IP address to something unrecognizable and encrypt your data from one end to the other, making it pretty impossible for intruders to intervene.

2. Access Regional Blocked Websites

benefits of using a vpn blocked website

Some countries do not allow every kind of website availability. For example, a person living in the United States might not access some websites in China. We call this the Geo-restriction. In this case, a country might not want people in certain countries to access their content, so they put a restriction or a ban on those certain content or websites. To overcome the veto, we can use a VPN. A VPN works very efficiently. What it does is, change its IP address to something gibberish nonsense. This makes it quite impossible for anyone to detect where you are. In cases of a geo-block, using a VPN app, you can choose a location based on the content you want to access. Nobody can stop you from accessing content afterward.

3. Unavailable Sports Websites Coverage

benefits of using a vpn sports websites

All types of sports websites may or may not be available in all regions. VPNs can be used to access those blocked/restricted websites. A television network such as NBC may not be available for viewing if you’re outside the United States. With VPNs, you can access those and steam your desired sport.

4. Avoid Data and Bandwidth Throttling

benefits of using a vpn data & bandwith

Some internet service providers restrict the amount of data you can transfer. At the same time, they intentionally speed up or slow down an internet connection. With VPN, there are no such restrictions. There is unlimited bandwidth for you as well as an unlimited amount of data transfer flexibility.

5. Cheaper Telephone Charges

benefits of using a vpn telephone charge

International phone bills can be very high. You can use VPN and connect to your local ISP. This will not only save your money but also you get a better connection. There are of course some negative sides too, even though very negligible

Things to Keep in Mind While Using a VPN:

* Some countries may penalize you for using a VPN (this is very rare): so always check the legislation where you’re located.

* Internet connection might get slightly slower: A VPN reroutes and encrypts your internet connection, which may slightly lessen your internet speed.

Difficult to operate at times: Some VPNs are designed in a complex manner where it gets difficult for you to operate the app. 

6. Save Money Shopping Online

We conduct most of our shopping these days on the internet. Everything is available for purchase online, including music, software, and aircraft tickets. Most individuals are unaware that shopping in foreign nations might save them much money. But you may be thinking, how is it even possible? You can use VPN to get deep savings by changing your virtual location. The same company could charge a different price for the same goods in other countries. The disparities are more pronounced than you might believe!

For example, you pay the highest fees for everything in various Northern European countries. Fortunately, you may use a VPN to change your location and begin shopping. How so? With a VPN, you can connect to a server in a different country. Instead of your own country, websites will think you're in that one. They will display prices on their webshop for that country. You will save much money if you do it this way.

7. Improve Online Gaming Speed

improve online gaming speed

Speed can be a very crucial factor for a gamer. It can make or break a game for you. Fortunately, you may – and should – expect better in the future. Not all of these annoyances are due to bad luck. When your internet provider detects that you are playing an online game, they may intentionally limit your speeds. It can significantly impact competitive games where every second matters if this is true.

Using a VPN to ensure that your speeds remain steady and help you secure that win is a surprisingly simple way to get over this congestion. VPNs can also improve your gaming experience in other ways, including keeping you secure online and safeguarding your privacy. Installing a VPN will make it more difficult for your internet provider to evaluate your gaming habits and instantly increase your internet speeds.

If your provider can't tell if you're browsing or gaming, you're considerably less likely to get throttled at critical game times. This is accomplished via the VPN encrypting your data, making it significantly more challenging to decipher, as well as by altering your IP address, essentially obscuring your digital fingerprint.

8. Security while Working Remotely

security while working remotely

You might suddenly have to go out of the country for travel or even work purposes and use a network that is not necessarily safe. Here, a VPN has a significant role in ensuring you conduct your work safely while working remotely. A VPN gives you access to all the tools you need to get the job done, whether you're in a coffee shop, traveling, or (ideally) socially isolated at home. You should control who has access to your network and its resources using a VPN.

First, you'll want to restrict who can log in, and then you'll want to limit what they can do once they've logged in. Employees do not require equal access to all resources. Your marketing department is unlikely to need access to supply chain management tools, and your HR department is unlikely to demand access to the system infrastructure. You can set those constraints at any point along the way with access control.

When you need to connect to your private network, use the most secure VPN provider to establish an encrypted, remote communication connection. Because of the encryption provided by a VPN session, you can communicate data securely across public networks.

Limitations of a VPN


When there are positive sides, there are some limitations too. The most significant drawbacks we always get are fundamental problems that can be fixed easily. Such as VPNs might not be legal in some countries. It is pretty difficult for users to understand the level of encryption and, the worst of it all, free VPNs which hold little or no significance of privacy. But these can easily be overcome by using some A-class premium VPNs.

Our Preference

benefits of using a vpn Preference

We have tested out multiple VPNs so far, and we suggest you go with Symlex VPN. It has 256-bit encryption, including 100+ servers across 50+ countries worldwide. In addition, it is reasonably effortless to operate Symlex VPN and has the fastest connection around you.

Moreover, the price range is very reasonable compared to the other VPN service providers. Symlex VPN can accommodate up to five devices protected. There is a 247 live support system for customers. If you choose to go for a month-by-month payment, it will cost you just $4.50 per month. A three-month package attracts a $9.99 straight payment, which translates to $3.33 a month. Symlex provides unlimited bandwidth and has a strict security policy. 

Note: Getting the most desired result from VPN depends on the type of VPN software

Final Words

No matter where you are from, and despite your job, a VPN will always have your back. VPNs are all about making it easier to surf, stream and work without any hurdles. The benefits of a VPN are far more effective than you can imagine. So don't waste your time sulking if you can't browse your desired websites. Choose and buy your VPN and surf the internet without paying heed to the world!

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