Did you ever think you’d be able to earn a large sum of money through commissions? That’s right; you can earn commissions by affiliating with a VPN company. The numbers are surprisingly high. You can earn up to 20% on monthly subscriptions.

Why Is a VPN Affiliation Worth It?

When looking for affiliations from different companies, it is not as fruitful as you think since the companies have cut down the commissions by a large percentage; hence you barely make any profits from it. The reason behind it is currently the raging pandemic globally that has affected the financial aspects of businesses, accordingly the cut down in commissions. But VPN markets surprisingly soared high as people were stuck in homes and had to purchase VPNs for streaming and use restricted websites and apps to contact family and friends. So, the VPN affiliates have seen the light of day, and luckily enough, it’s still going well. So, if you want to earn commissions through any business, VPN is a wise choice.

VPN and Its Backstory

VPNs are used for online security and privacy primarily. The secondary uses of VPNs are streaming restricted content, ad blocks, and browsing content. Next, you might ask about the specialty of a VPN. To start, VPN protects against unwanted attention on the internet. To make things simple, a VPN helps you to hide all your information online and makes your connection private for anyone else to see, and not even your clingy ISP can track what games you are playing using your wifi network.

Why Choose Symlex VPN?

Symlex VPN Affiliate Program

Symlex VPN has achieved a particular spot in the VPN industry where we can confidently assure you of the best services that we can provide. Symlex VPN has a lot on its plate, and affiliations would be a cherry on top. Here are some of the few reasons why you should choose Symlex VPN for commissions.

Top-Notch Features

Symlex VPN has all the suitable VPN features—starting from UDP, TLS, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH to DNS, Wireguard, and OpenVPN. It makes everything much more convenient and makes our VPN a good competition in the industry. Adding to that, we have over 60 locations with servers exceeding 100 out there.

Dedicated Support

We have an extensive support team ready to provide services on any day. We provide 24/7 support keeping clients across the world in mind. So, it doesn’t really matter what country you are in, we will provide instant help, and that’s one of our specialties. You can also use up to 5 devices with only one subscription.

Streaming and Gaming

The more content Netflix came up with every day, the more we started focusing on streaming with Symlex. Luckily, you can now stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Torrent, Hotstar, BBC iPlayer, and HBO using Symlex VPN. So no matter wherever you are, streaming is now child’s play. Not only these, but also you can stream from any website that might not be available in your region. You can also play any game that your ISP probably detects and slows down your wifi. With Symlex VPN, you can easily hide from your ISP and enjoy the fun.

How to join Symlex VPN Affiliations?

The process to become our affiliates is very easy and made simple for your convenience. All you need to do is, go to our affiliate program webpage, fill out the form and submit it to us. There is another option where you can email us at [email protected] to know more details.

Affiliations can be stressful, but with Symlex VPN, the commission rates and the support from our side will make it very convenient and easy for you and your clients. It can all be yours with commissions from 5% to 20%. So why delay? Join us, and become affiliates of Symlex VPN.

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