You can simply log into your Google Account with a payment method saved using Google Pay online. You can make your payment on the websites of the VPN you have signed into, using the billing address information provided. Take security and privacy seriously. You might consider investing in a VPN service that accepts anonymous payment methods such as cash or gift cards if that’s the case.

Why should you use a Google Play Gift Card?

You often might have faced that your card ( could be any type) does not have any balance, or you are just scared to give off your banking information online. You can have an easy escape using a Google Play Gift Card. Now you must be wondering why we are suggesting this. Well, the answer is simple—your online security. There might be cases when you purchase something online using a credit card, but your information is leaked, and all your data is available for grabs. But when you are using a Google Play Gift Card, you don’t have to do any of this. All you need to do is, buy a Google play card and redeem it on Play Store. In this way, you do not have to use any credit or debit cards, and hence no information is to be leaked.

Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to technology, nothing is 100% efficient. There are always positive and negative sides to everythig. Regardless, Google Play Gift Cards also have their pros and cons.


Gift cards are seemingly more advantageous than other payment methods. Some of them are listed below.

Convenient: Gift cards can be purchased for cash in various locations such as department stores and gas stations.

Anonymity: Except for the gift card information requested, no further information is given except for the requested gift card information. Thus, a provider cannot charge you for an automatic renewal subscription.

Safety: Gift cards function similarly to cash in that they can be used in any retailer to pay for merchandise. When purchasing a reputable VPN on the internet, you only need to submit your credit card number and PIN code. But a gift card simply keeps your information safe.


There are certain disadvantages but those can be easily avoided
Payment: There will be no automated recurring payment. When you have to go through purchasing and filling up gift cards regularly, it can get a little bit troublesome.

Unavailability: There are restrictions based on geography. It’s likely that your chosen VPN service only takes gift cards from US-based merchants or non-US brands that use the same network as your chosen VPN service, such as Paygarden. Depending on your actual location, VPN services may not provide this option unless you are in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Germany.

Refunds: There are no refunds. It’s improbable that a VPN service provider would ever issue a refund for gift cards. That should be kept in mind, and the money-back guarantee should be ignored. Paying using gift cards or cash may be the most anonymous method for you to use. You may also use a gift card to purchase a virtual private network (VPN).

VPNs with Gift Cards
Popularity in terms of tech is quite a big deal depending on the location you are in. We have found that Google Play Cards are pretty popular in India and the middle-east. Symlex VPN is exceptionally good as a VPN amongst users in UAE, Dubai, India, and Europe as well.

Symlex VPN accepts Google Play Gift Cards. The process is extremely easy and quick. All you need to do is:

  1. Go to a store and buy a gift card.
  2. Using your scratch card, you will be able to uncover the code by scratching the back of the card.
  3. Once you have received the code, go to your phone and pick Google Play Store from the menu.
  4. Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left of the screen to bring up the menu.
  5. Choose your preferred mode of payment and then proceed to redeem your coupon.
  6. When you confirm, you will be able to check your current Google Play Store balance dollars on the next screen.
  7. You may now purchase a Symlex VPN Premium subscription using your Google Play Store credit.

You may also check out our video on how to purchase a Symlex VPN Premium subscription using a Google play card here.

Ending words
Payment methods should never come in your way of enjoying a service online. And thus VPN services offer Google Play Gift Cards. Not only are these convenient, but readily available in nearby stores. In order to save time and keep your privacy intact, Google Play Gift Card is the best solution for you.

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