Qatar as a country has restrictions on its internet usage. However, even though they are not usually spied on, the general public tends to self-censor in the fear that the authority might track them down. Therefore, the Internet over there in Qatar is heavily monitored. Being one of the Gulf Countries, it is difficult for tourists to manage, especially in terms of banking and usage of social media to connect to their family. Therefore, the authorities in Qatar have restricted several informational and social media websites to limit its population’s internet freedom. These are the same restrictions that the vast majority of the people in Qatar are subjected to. But of course, every problem comes with a solution, and we are here to provide you with one. A VPN. It is a widespread term that you must have heard before, and if not, it’s all in here.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, encrypts all web traffic that flows to and from your device and passes it through an intermediary server. This trick tricks host websites and apps into thinking you’re in a different area, which explains how you can unblock geo-restricted material when you’re not. In addition, the encryption feature ensures that the government and surveillance agencies are kept at a safe distance.

Why Do You Need VPN in Qatar?

vpn for qatar

Qatar’s government has banned many different social media sites, and known websites that include entertainment content has imposed strict online restrictions and banned several sites. For a tourist, though, it is imperative to have a VPN network. You might have to do bank transactions and other online activities that require utmost privacy. VPN provides end-to-end encryption for cases like this. All the data that you share will be for your eyes only. No third party will detect any data you are sharing using the ISP that belongs to Qatar.

Critical social media apps are not available. For example, Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Viber are banned in Qatar. This is very inconvenient for people living there with families outskirts and people visiting for the holidays. With a VPN, all these applications can be unblocked. All you need to do is pick a server outside Qatar or even the middle east, connect your device, and you can easily access all these applications.

List of blocked services in Qatar:
❌Google Duo

Criteria For Choosing the Best VPN

VPN features to look for

When choosing a VPN, it has to fit the criteria you require. In addition, there are some significant features that a VPN must-have for you to use it. Be it streaming or banking or even watching the World Cup.

✔️There is an extensive network of servers around the world- Any type of server should be available as the demand for them in Qatar is quite remarkable. Having numerous servers makes it easier for a user to have a network that has less traffic and a smooth connection.

✔️Unblocking Geo-restricted streaming services – You might want to watch content from different regions worldwide that are not available in Qatar. Again, the process is as easy as it can get. Choose a location and connect your device, and you can get access to the content you like.

✔️Uses vital encryption parameters to protect your location- VPN protocols are essential to be followed. VPN companies always specify what type of protocol they are ensuring for your safety, and you just have to make sure you are picking the right one.

✔️Allows multiple simultaneous connections – You might need a VPN on your phone and laptop at the same time. You need to choose a VPN that will connect to multiple devices simultaneously. Luckily most VPNs usually provide this option.

✔️Provides excellent customer support- Customer support is a crucial aspect of online-based platforms. VPNs need it just a little bit more. A good VPN service will always respond to customer queries meaning they are active 24/7. Different people worldwide are in different time zones, hence the 24 hours service. The quicker you get a response, the quicker you can get back to work.

Our Choice

After pondering over many many VPN services, we came across Symlex VPN, which has a significant market demand in the middle eastern countries. Symlex VPN is the most secure VPN and is a star when it comes to pricing. Probably the cheapest out there. They have numerous unique features as well. To put the cherry on the icing, you can access US Netflix, Hotstar, and BBC iPlayer using Symlex VPN.

Symlex VPN features

The features are listed down below:

✔️Hundreds of servers are available across over 50 countries
✔️Connect to 5 devices simultaneously with a single paid pin
✔️You can check how many devices have logged in to your account
✔️Private Browsing is super safe
✔️High-speed and unlimited bandwidth
✔️Strict no-logging policy maintained
✔️Well-designed UI for the users’ convenience
✔️No time limit of usage and does not require auto log out
✔️No configuration is required. It can adjust according to your devices’ existing design.
✔️No additional permissions required

It is also available for popular operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. Symlex VPN customer service is unmatchable as well. At any time of the day, they are ready to serve.

FAQs on VPN’s for Qatar

Which VPN works in Qatar?
We suggest Symlex VPN as this was the only VPN that provided an uninterrupted connection for the user living in Qatar and the Middle East.

Is VPN allowed in Qatar?

VPNs are allowed in Qatar; however, if the government senses any sort of illegal business being conducted using a VPN, that could be dangerous. A person can be heavily fined or could go to jail as well.

Can I use WhatsApp in Qatar with a VPN?

Yes, you can easily access WhatsApp using a VPN in Qatar. All you have to do is get a premium account of your desired VPN and connect to the server of a location you prefer.

Can I Access Netflix libraries in Qatar?

Yes, Netflix libraries are also accessible the same way WhatsApp is. Connect and choose the location of the Library you want to watch shows from.

Final Words

With the Fifa World Cup 2022 knocking on the door, the importance of a VPN has skyrocketed. Especially for tourists visiting Qatar soon will be in dire need of it, and this article might just be it for you to be warned. So choose a VPN of your choice and enjoy the middle east to the fullest.

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