All over the world, football is the most popular game which unarguably attracts the greatest patronage among other sports. Love and passion for soccer cut across age, status, and gender. The young, old, male, female, and even the aged, like football.

Politically, soccer has become a unifying factor in highly tribalized nations to the extent that many countries divided by tribe, culture, and ethnicity ‘speak’ the same language on the day their country has an international football tournament.

Before the current technological innovations, watching live football was only reserved for only the well-to-do who could afford to throttle the globe to watch football matches live, especially in underdeveloped countries. Others were left at the behest of local TV stations which relayed live soccer whenever it pleased them.

Gone are those days. With the current trend in technological advancement, you can stay in the comfort of your home and stream live football and other sports free from various sites on your TV, tablet, laptop, and other devices.

Now, there are many service providers that stream different kinds of sports to teeming fans all over the continent at no cost. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the best sites that stream live football and other sports free, currently trending this year,2021.


The limitations however are that there may be geo-restrictions or other forms of restrictions,.which may not allow some users from certain areas to have access to some of these sites. This is where VPN comes in handy. VPN enables safe and hitch-free access to the various websites that offer free football streaming. Once you install a reliable VPN, like SymlexVPN, you can throttle the universe without any form of inhibition.

Best Free Live Football Streaming Sites

1. SportRAR

SportRAR is a hundred percent free platform for streaming football. The good thing is that SportRAR is user-friendly and has an alluring interface. It enables streaming football games in HD quality. You can also stream other sports such as tennis, basketball, wrestling, and more on this site.

SportRAR provides other sundry offers such as game analysis, live score, and more. Users have the leverage to make a direct link to streams without having to pass through the hurdles of registration. You have the opportunity to watch games free without distractions by incessant ads.

2. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is one of the best sites you can use to stream live sports and TV channels online. The site offers live sports streaming for any match, game, or tournament that is televised. On daily basis, Stream2Watch gives you updates on all upcoming and scheduled sports activities. If you want to get the best production and video quality, you can install the Google Chrome browser.

3. VIPLeague

VIPLeague enables the best selection of sporting events on their site. Different kinds of sports are available here. VIPLeague regularly updates its users with old and current sport streams for their delight. You are not required to register before you have access to the site.

Their website is arranged in such a way that all the contents are filtered based on their respective categories. Football fans have access to categories like EPL, Laliga, Serie A, and more. You can use all types of devices to watch various league streams on VIPLeague.

VIPLeague provides a perfect selection of sporting events on its website. Here, you can view different kinds of sports. The site is regularly updated with new and current sport streams for the delight of users. You are not required to register before having access to the site.

VIPLeague arranged their website in such a way that all the content is filtered based on their category. Football lovers can have access to categories such as EPL, La Liga, Serie A, and more League streams on the VIPLeague site can be enabled on all devices.

4. StreamWoop

StreamWoop is specially designed for football chauvinists who take delight in watching premier league free. With just one click on the site, the list and schedules of all upcoming matches will be displayed, from which you can select your choice. The website keeps you abreast of upcoming football matches and other sporting events through regular information and news.

6. MamaHD 

MamaHD is a renowned football streaming site. It is endowed with a smooth and user-friendly interface that is fast and easy to use. The website is offered to users free and it provides regular updates to users about live sports events. Apart from giving hints about impending sports events, MamaHD also offers video reviews of past matches.

Besides football, MamaHD offers other sports activities which distinguish it as one of the best sites. The site is designed in such a way that, as you select the particular match of your choice, you will also be referred to many other streaming links of the same tournament.

7. LiveTV

You can stream live football free on the LiveTV platform. The site hosts myriads of viewers. Apart from streaming football, it offers other sundry options for football fans which include, football highlights, the latest news, forum, and many more. LiveTV has an intriguing interface and one of the best search options that makes it irresistible to users.

To cap it all, the site is ubiquitous. It is available from anywhere in the world. As such, you don’t need a VPN to stream it. It comes with Android apps that enable mobile device users to have a good streaming experience. LiveTV does not only stream matches, it also streams videos and films.

On regular basis, the site updates its streaming links. It also brings its numerous viewers together by creating a forum where they can discuss sports activities and exchange feedback from their streaming experience.

8. SonyLiv

SonyLiv is a top-notch platform that tends to be the first choice of many viewers. It provides free live streaming of soccer without any hitches. SonyLiv comes with mobile apps for iOS and Android. Apart from football, it offers other sports such as tennis, boxing, racing, cycling and more.

SonyLiv is stylish in the sense that it comes with an intuitive, user-friendly, and smooth interface. It also provides other content like entertainment, news, and more, all sponsored by Sony pictures.

9. Crickfree

True to its name, Clickfree offers everything on its website free. The site is like a rendezvous to many TV channels, especially sports channels. With Clickfree, it is almost impossible to miss any football match because games are readily available as the TV channels are ever content-ready to stream sports events. Clickfree is especially favorable to those who delight in watching EPL live on the internet.

10. StreamingSites

This website can be described as the first among equals in live sports streaming. It is one of the best streaming sites where you can find many free sports- streaming platforms that provide football and other kinds of sports. offers safe links and the websites are rated by their quality. They ensure regular updates of websites on their page.

11. HotstarSports

HotstarSports is unique because it offers virtually all the choice sports that you may be interested in streaming, apart from football. It has the capacity to show different kinds of sports all over the continent.

Apart from relaying live sports, it also casts the spotlight on your favorite players which you can peruse. HotstarSports allows you to stream other sports apart from football. Such sports as wrestling, boxing, cricket, martial arts, and more are inclusive.

12. Wizwig

Wiziwig is an intuitive platform for streaming sports. Besides football, it streams other sports activities. You can also watch other TV channels that relay your favorite shows. Since Wiziwig is free, you don’t need to sign up to enjoy all these benefits.


Free football streaming websites are listless. However, not all offer equal service. There are some websites that inundate their viewers with incessant ads which are highly irritating and distracting and deprive you of maximum enjoyment of the streaming. Others may come with malware in their ads. This malware can be designed to steal your private information.

The caveat here is that you should be careful when you want to choose a site that streams live football and other sports free.

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