Ever thought of shopping at the mall and feeling that someone might be stalking you? Well, what would you do then? Safeguard yourself, right? Now, think about another example, why do we install doorbell cameras? To make sure that we are protecting ourselves from outsiders or any unprecedented attack. So, why not think of safeguarding your online life?

Using a VPN or Virtual Private Network, anyone can simply work at their own space while not being haunted by online stalkers. Undeniably, with the upsurge of virtual platforms, there is an emerging market of online hackers who are always trying to steal your online credentials. Just the way thieves and burglars always look for an opportunity to rob you.

To safeguard online credentials, it is of immense importance to shield your online platform with an additional layer. When anyone uses a VPN app, their internet traffic goes through an encrypted tunnel. A VPN network creates a connection between VPN provider's servers and the user's device which creates an end-to-end connection that cannot be taken by any unauthorized users. A VPN masks one's actual IP address. So, if you are wondering whether using a VPN may modify your IP address, the answer is not really! While you are playing games online or even watching movies or downloading software, the IP address being showed is the one that belongs to the VPN providers, not yours. So, your IP address remains completely safe with you as it does not go into public.

Finally, before choosing a VPN, make sure that your provider does not keep a log of your internet activity as all your internet browsing will reroute through them. It is indispensable that you feel safe with your VPN provider while working online. Now, if you are wondering where to find a trustworthy VPN provider, you can always count on Symlex VPN, as they hold onto strict policy for never keeping log for your traffic data. By choosing Symlex VPN you choose safe browsing while staying anonymous at the same time.

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