With the most awaited Indian Premium League starting, we have a lot of preparations to do. New teams, two venues, and millions of fans are finally waiting for the games to roll, but there are some significant restrictions. But to our dismay, there are barely any channels outside India that are airing this year’s IPL. Specifically in the middle-east. Unfortunately, no channels or apps are airing the IPL 2022. But not to worry, as we are here to provide the perfect solution for you.

Channels airing IPL outside India

Different countries have figured out channels where they can air this year’s IPL, and significantly fewer people are aware of it. Therefore, we are providing the channel list below.
● India- Star Sports
● USA- Willow TV
● UK–Sky Sports Cricket
● Australia- Fox TV
● Yupp TV
● South Africa-Supersport
● New Zealand- Sky Sport NZ
● Pakistan- Geo Super (TBC)
● Bangladesh- Channel 9

We can see that there are no specified channels to air IPL in the middle-eastern countries and many others. However, do not worry about that either, as we are bringing a perfect solution for you.

Disney Hotstar and VPN

If you are outside India and your TV channel is unlikely to broadcast the matches, you can always rely on Disney’s Hotstar. Now you might wonder how it is even possible as you don’t have access to Hotstar outside of India itself. But, again, the solution is guessable- a VPN.

Why should you use a VPN?

A VPN is basically what its name stands for, a virtual private network. It creates a tunnel for you to keep your data safe and provide you security online, no matter wherever you are. Be it public wifi unprotected browser or an ISP that likes to know too much, a VPN shields you from all of these.

The question now arises: why should you use it, and how can it help you to watch IPL?

If you are outside India, the best app for you to stream IPL would be Disney+Hotstar. But unfortunately, it is only available in India. When there is a problem, there is a solution too. You can connect a VPN to your device and change your server location to India for streaming Hotstar. Then, you can connect it to any other region you like depending on what content you are looking for.

How can a VPN help you?

When you connect a VPN to your device, it automatically changes your IP address to something that human eyes cannot decipher. This means your ISP or whoever is trying to look through your data will not be able to understand it. As for Hotstar is concerned, all you need to do is, connect your VPN to any server in India, purchase a plan from Hotstar, and you’ll be good to go.

How to use VPN to watch IPL?

● Make an account with a VPN service with servers in India and download the app.
● Start the VPN application and enter your login credentials.
● Connect to a server located in India.
● After that, go to the Hotstar website and click on the subscription link.
● Choose from the Hotstar + Disney Premium and the Hotstar + Disney VIP packages. The latter one is preferably cheaper.
● Complete your subscription by making the required payment.
● When using Hotstar to watch IPL live online 2022 from anywhere in the world, ensure you’re connected to the Indian server using your VPN to avoid being disconnected.

Which VPN should you use?

There are many different VPN services in the market, but we have picked out what we think will be the best for you. Symlex VPN has dedicated servers for Hotstar. The server speed is fast, so you don’t have to worry about buffering. Symlex VPN also uses 256-bit encryption to ensure there is no chance of leaked information. You can also use up to 5 devices simultaneously with one VPN premium account. When it comes to pricing, Symlex VPN takes the trophy. Symlex VPN offers the cheapest price, and they have a 7-day money-back guarantee. They also have monthly, half-yearly, yearly, and bi-yearly packages available for the customers. The more extensive package you get, the cheaper Symlex VPN gets. They also have a very dedicated support team, so you can get a solution almost immediately whenever you feel like something’s amiss.

Closing Words
With the heat of the IPL 2022 rolling on the edge of your seat, you would not want to miss any match forward. So get the best VPN service of your choice and start streaming. Life’s easy when you have bamboozling technology in your hands.

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