Users widely utilize VPN (Virtual Private Server) software worldwide on a massive scale, and it is becoming increasingly popular. However, not all users have the same interests, which explains why there is a vast variation in utilizing the site. For example, some people use a virtual private network (VPN) to broadcast games online and connect to a different server location. In addition, some individuals use it to watch internet videos from sites such as Netflix. Even if the reasons for utilizing a VPN can vary, you should consider some of the top VPN characteristics you will undoubtedly require for security before making a purchasing decision.

What is a VPN?

Now that we have stated the uses of VPN worldwide let’s know what a VPN is. In addition, users can send and receive data across shared or public networks via a virtual private network (VPN). It will extend the private network across a public network if a virtual private network (VPN) is enabled on their computers. Some of the advantages of using a virtual private network (VPN) include increased functionality, security, and control of the private network. Unreachable sites are accessible, made possible by using a virtual private network, which telecommuting workers usually utilize. Even though encryptions are essential, it is not always in a VPN service.

10 Best VPN features that you should keep in mind

While buying a VPN, there are many things to consider. Presumably, all the features that it is offering. You are paying for it; hence you should get the best for yourself. Needless to say, a fast and safe VPN is all we need. But first let’s get into the features that make a VPN not only good for iOS but also, the best for android too.

No Logging Policy

Most of the big shot companies provide this privilege for the benefit o their customers, but some companies lie. Recently, the data log of a top-rated VPN was leaked, and it contained millions of customers’ information who were automatically put at risk. So when picking a VPN, make sure they are not keeping any log of your information. If they can assure you, you are good to go.

Split Tunneling

A computer networking concept allows users to access two or more security domains simultaneously, including a public network like the internet and an intranet or vast area network (LAN). Split tunneling can be accomplished by using the same or different network connections. Split tunneling has its advantages and disadvantages. Because Internet traffic does not have to pass via the VPN server, employing split tunneling has the advantage of alleviating bottlenecks and conserving bandwidth. This is a significant advantage when a user works at a supplier or partner location and requires access to network resources on both networks throughout the day. Furthermore, split tunneling eliminates the need for the user to connect and disengage continuously. The disadvantage is that if an employee uses a less secure network, he can compromise the entire system of the whole company.

Internet Kill-Switch

The use of a VPN kill switch automatically disconnects your device from the internet if your VPN connection is interrupted. When your VPN connection is lost, a kill switch stops unsecured internet connections from being established until your VPN connection has been restored, ensuring that your data and privacy are safeguarded. Therefore, a VPN needs to have this protocol in its system.

Available Servers

A VPN service must have multiple servers available across different countries or locations. The reason is you can belong from a country that is not very close to Europe or Asia. So when you might visit another country, you see that server of your country is not available. This could be highly problematic for you in terms of banking and streaming.

Easy to Use

Most VPNs have complicated UI, making it difficult for most people to use. The target audience should know how to use the VPN on their devices. One look and go. Due to more challenging user interfaces(UIs), VPN companies tend to lose an enormous audience altogether. So, the easier the user interface is, the more the audience will be interested in using the application. A good UI always gives the impression of whether that VPN is the best for Android or iOS.

Server Speeds

Just like a vast number of servers is required, the speed of those servers has to be fast enough for any action to be carried out. It is crucial as a bit of delay in servers can cause issues. A little slower speed can make someone lose a game when it comes to gaming. That’ll be pretty annoying, right? Considering streaming too, lagging at every vital scene is not fun at all. Fast servers are convenient and do not feel like a VPN is being used.

Strong Encryption

Using encryption, you can change a plaintext only to be read by the person who knows a decryption key or a secret code decipher it. It contributes to the protection of sensitive information through data encryption. A VPN having strong encryption is a given. Cyber-crimes are so easy these days that it makes everyone paranoid before using the internet. Encrypting data will protect you from necessary information being leaked. VPNs have that feature without a doubt, and customers are always being protected no matter whatever the situation is.

Money-back Guarantee

Another necessary feature of a VPN is its money-back guarantee. As a user, you might not like a particular VPN after using it for a day or two. Now you do not want to use it, or it is not serving your purposes. Keeping the premium account then is just a waste of money. A money-back guarantee ensures that you can complain and get your money back in a specific period if you are unsatisfied with the services. Most VPN companies have this option. The time duration varies from company to company.

Affordable Price

VPNs should be affordable enough for people of any income. People of all sorts of professions use VPNs. People of all kinds of occupations use VPNs. Some used to talk to families outskirts, some used for banking, and some for gaming or streaming. Affordable VPNs are more preferred than expensive ones as it is easier to make ends meet after an entire month. Moreover, it makes the usage of the application for the customer.

Customer Support

Best customer support ensures the best VPN service. You know a company is dedicated to serving you when it has a support team that is immediate in response. Many people from many different time zones might have queries at unknown hours. To be able to respond immediately is a requirement that a customer needs. Therefore, every VPN service must have dedicated customer support to attend to any queries.

A VPN is necessary as the world moves forward with its technologies. Safety is a virtue when we are using the internet. Be it from your ISP or any hacker there is leeching around. VPNs are made to secure your data and identity. And a VPN service that has all the features as mentioned earlier, you will know that’s the right deal for you. Do not compromise your safety; instead, make safety your utmost priority by downloading a VPN app on your Android, iOS, or any other device you like.

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